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Do I Need Tree Service?

There are many reasons people require tree service. Trees are certainly a blessing but can also be a nuisance.  Maybe they are blocking your beautiful view of the mountains or dropping too much debris (e.g. leaves, acorns) in your yard. Sometimes they grow so big that they make the beautiful green lawn that you desire impossible.  Most importantly, at times they steal away your peace of mind by threatening to fall on your home or property. Although many people would like to solve these problems themselves often times either age, or the shear size and hazard of the tree prevents them.

Why hire Wood Tree Service?

Here at Wood Tree Service we strive to be the solution to any and all of the problems that unwanted or unsightly trees can create.


1. Experience- With more than a decade of tree cutting experience we are delighted to come out to your property to offer affordable, comprehensive solutions to your specific tree cutting needs.


2. Affordable- Although we have to pay the bills, we are in it so that you can win it. We want to leave you knowing that you got the best price price in Sevierville for the tree service that you receive.


3. Availability- Unlike many of our competitors we are available 24/7. Trees do not ask our permission to fall. Sometimes that happens in the worst of times. Feel free to contact us anytime day or night to help get you out of a bind.

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